Main Projects

Cirotec Automation

Cirotec is my family company. We are an engineering design and machining company. We give service to the automotive industry in Mexico. I am in charge of industrial automation projects.

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Intelligent milk flow sensor

My team is working alongside Madero Equipos and Tec de Monterrey to develop an intelligent milk flow sensor, which will enable low cost measuring of cow milk flow and yield, useful for the prevention of diseases and monitoring of production.

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Gripping of moving objects in optimal time

In 2017 Summer I performed a research internship at Polytechnique Montreal with professors Sofiane Achiche and Maxime Raison where I worked on the development of software for the gripping of moving objects in optimal time by a JACO robotic arm. I developed vision and integration code using OpenCV, ROS, MoveIt, etc.

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Robotic Glass Climber

I am currently working with two professors of the research department of my university on the design and development of a low-power passive-suction robotic climber. I worked in the mechanical design, manufacture, controls and algorithms, electronic design, etc.

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Line Follower Robots

At 2014 I started building line following robots. Since then, the quality and speed of my robots has increased. At 2015 we won the first place in the national championship of line follower robots. In October 2016, we attended the line follower world championship, Robochallenge, at Romania. In this event we were ranked as the 5th team in the world in the category of line follower robots.

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MIT Nanotechnology Summer Research

I was elected among 16 students from Mexico to participate in a Nanotechnology Summer Research program at Massachussets Institute of Technology in the summer of 2015. We worked inside the Microsystem Technologies Laboratories at MIT in the manufacture of solar cells, MEMS, and microfluidic systems. At the end of the course we proposed different projects for research in Nanotechnology, and my team proposed a Gallium based cooler for solar cells.

FIRST Robotics Competition

ROULT Team 4403

In 2013 I joined my highschool robotics team and served as a team leader through the 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition. In 2014, as I entered college, I served now as a lead mentor in the area of mechanics. Since then we have grown as a team and got better each year. This experience, more than teaching me robotics, taught me social skills as leadership and communication. Our team was so well structured and communicated that in 2016 we won the national regional of FIRST Robotics Competition, and got the chance to assist to the World Championship at St. Louis Missouri.

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Autonomous Drones

I worked alongside Raul Jiménez and other members of Cirobots to develop an autonomous drone for competitions. The task consists in programming a drone to follow a path drawn on the floor. In Robochallenge, at Romania, we won the first place in the Air Race category.