Other Projects Free time projects, school stuff, etc.


Airless shock absorbing wheel design for FIRST Robotics Competition robots. Watch video here.

Automation of Virtual Machines

Networking and automation of a virtual factory. Programmed PLC and HMI for warehouse automatic and manual operation.

Bricklaying robot

Proposal of a bricklaying robot concept as part of a 1 week challenge. Watch video here.

Bearing rotator

Automation project for bearing manufacturer NSK. Consists of adapting a mechanism that rotates a bearing as it is being inspected by a machine. Watch video here.

Air duct valve

Automation project for local company. Consists of making a low weight and low cost mechanism that can open or close a ventilation duct. Watch video here.

Dual voltage source

Design and implementation of a positive and negative voltage source. It has two channels of variable voltage up to 25V.

Soccer playing robot

Design, construction and programming of soccer playing robot. Won 2nd place on regional contest.

Ribbon climbing robot

Robot made for competitions in which it must climb a ribbon in the least time possible using solar energy. Watch video here.

Insect robot

Design of robotic insect, made for robotic contests in which a robot with no wheels must traverse a rocky path.

Voice detection

Wrote software in MATLAB in order to perform voice command recognition using frequency spectrum and correlation between samples.

Digital clock

Electronics and PCB design, PCB manufacturing, and assembly of a digital clock using only digital components such as counters, registers, codifiers, decodifiers, etc.

Character display

Character selection and display using only digital electronics and an EEPROM to store characters to be displayed.

Recycled bottles boat

Built wooden boat with recycled bottles as flotation device. Won local competition. Watch video here.

Water rocket

Water rocket with launch pad and release mechanism. Flight of 86 meters. Won local competition. Watch video here.

Bottle crusher

Mechanical design and construction of bottle crusher with mechanical fuse. Won as lightest design in the class.

Mathematical modeling of tank draining

Designed hardware and software for the mathematical modeling of differential equations ruling the draining of tanks of different geometries.

Ping pong ball catapult

Arduino controlled catapult, interfaced with LabView. Manufacturing of ratchet gears for the catapult.

Solar tracker

Implementation of a solar tracker using four photoresistors and a PID control for positioning solar panel.